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Discovery Groups

Discover what God's Word says.

What is a Discovery Group?

This is a “discovery method” in which participants are led to discover directly from God’s word and find their own answers. So nobody is lectured or taught. We just ask questions. Self-discovery is key.

3 Easy Steps:

  1. Pick a Scripture Set
  2. Read the passages at least twice from two different Bible translations.
  3. Go through discovery questions.

Discovery Questions:


1.     What are you thankful for? 

2.     What is a challenge or stressor for you right now?

3.     What can we do to help?                                                                                                        

 (Note: If it’s your first meeting skip questions 4 and 5.)

4.     With whom did you share what you learned last week?

5.     How did it go with your “By God’s grace I will…” statement?


Choose a passage of scripture to learn from. (Recommended scripture sets are available at

1.     Read the bible passage or bible story several times (possibly from different bible translations)

2.     How would I retell this passage? (Each person tries to retell the passage or Bible story with as much detail as possible in their own words.)

3.     What does the passage teach us about God?

4.     What does the passage teach us about people?


1.     What will I do this week to obey what I have learned? (Each person commits to obeying what they have learned by crafting a statement beginning with "By God's grace I will...")

2.     With whom will you share what you learned this week?

Scripture Sets