Next CU Together Service June 2nd, 10AM, at the Hub

Women - Issues Women Face

“I wish I could talk to other women about some things I can’t escape. Like questions and feelings about career vs. family. About roles at home and in the community. And issues that require trust to even bring up.”

1 – To Work..or Not to Work Lydia the businesswoman Acts 16:11-15

2 – What About Submission? One flesh Genesis 2:4-25

3 – My Role in the Community Priscilla’s gift Acts 18:1-4, 18-28

4 – Can I Love Too Much? Learning not to do it all Exodus 18:1-27

5 – Why Didn’t God Help? Amnon rapes Tamar 2 Samuel 13:1-22

6 – Recovering From Abuse Jesus heals a bleeding woman  Mark 5:24-34