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MARRIAGE – Miscarriage

“It tears me up to walk past the baby’s room.  Now I wish we hadn’t gotten so excited and made so many plans.  I’m dying inside, and I’ve got to talk to someone who has gone through this.”

1 – When Life Falls Apart                   Job’s life collapses                 Job 1:1-22

2 – Shattered Dreams                        Elisha and a grieving woman 2 Kings 4:8-37

3 – Marital Stress                             Jacob and Rachel under stress  Genesis 29:31-30:24

4 – Releasing the Pain                       Hannah pours out her soul     I Samuel 1:1-28

5 – God Cares                                    Jesus weeps over death         John 11:1-44

6 – Life Goes On                                David pleads, then accepts    2 Samuel 12:15-25