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YOUTH – Finding Friends and Fitting In

“I always feel out of place.  It’s so hard to fit in.  I don’t want to come off like I’m either shy or obnoxious.  Can I be myself and still have friends?”

1 – Acceptance                                   Paul’s struggle for acceptance   Acts 9:20-31

2 – Fitting In                                        “The Lord looks at the heart”  I Samuel 16:1-13

3 – Being Myself                                 David can’t use Saul’s armor I Samuel 17:12-50

4 – Feeling Secure                             David and Jonathan – Part 1  I Samuel 18:1-30

5 – Getting Close                                David and Jonathan – Part 2  I Samuel 20:1-42

6 – True Friends                                 Four friends who cared           Mark 2:1-12