Next CU Together Service June 2nd, 10AM, at the Hub

PARENTING – Adolescents

“My teenager is about to drive me crazy.  The music.  Posters.  Clothes.  It’s outrageous!  We can’t even talk about it without shouting.  How can we make it through adolescence?!”

1 – Stressful Times                             Trouble in the family               Luke 15:11-32

2 – Confusing Times                          When Jesus didn’t come home   Luke 2:41-52

3 – Angry Times                                 The golden calf                       Exodus 32:1-35

4 – Decisions, Decisions!                   Samson’s dating dilema         Judges 14:1-20

5 – A Parent’s Responsibility             Eli’s failure to restrain his sons   I Samuel 3:1-21

6 – Getting Along                                Joseph: a kid with an ‘attitude’   Genesis 37:1-11