Next CU Together Service June 2nd, 10AM, at the Hub

MARRIAGE – Intimacy

“The world exalts sex as the ultimate high.  But we both have different needs.  We’d like more romance and sizzle in our love life.  How does God want us to enjoy this gift?”

1 – God’s Gift                                      Delighting in love                Song of Songs 1:1-14

2 – Sharing Yourself                           Wooing words                    Song of Songs 1:15-2:15

3 – The Rhythm of Romance             Absence grows love          Song of Songs 2:16-3:11

4 – Only You                                       Can’t keep my eyes off you   Song of Songs 5:9-6:9

5 – Sensitive Sex                                Celebrate difference!           Song of Songs 6:13-8:4

6 – Commited Love                            The power of love               Song of Songs 8:5-14