Next CU Together Service June 2nd, 10AM, at the Hub

RECOVERY – Grief and Loss

“Since he died, I’ve felt like half of me died too.  Why did he die and leave me so alone?  I keep waking up in the night, thinking he’s there.  What stages do I have to go through to get some relief?”

1 – Denial                                            Elisha and a woman in denial   2 Kings 4:8-37

2 – Anger                                            Naomi: empty and bitter         Ruth 1:1-22

3 – Bargaining                                    David “bargains” with God      2 Samuel 12:15-25

4 – Depression                                   Jacob mourns for Joseph       Genesis 37:12-36

5 – Acceptance                                   The suffering of Job                Job 2:1-10

6 – Hope                                             Jesus raise Lazarus               John 11:1-44