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Creation to Christ (expanded)

God Creates:

Genesis 1:1-25

God Creates Man & Woman:

Genesis 2:4-24

Man & Woman Eat the Fruit:

Genesis 3:1-13

God's Curses:

Genesis 3:14-24

God Regrets His Creation:

Genesis 6:5-8

God Saves Noah & His Family:

Genesis 6:9 - 8:14

God's Covenant with Noah:

1 Genesis 8:15 - 9:17

God's Covenant with Abram:

Genesis 12:1-8; 15:1-6; 17:1-7

Abraham Give His Son as an Offering:

Genesis 22:1-19

God Spare His People:

Exodus 12:1-28

The Commands of God:

Exodus 20:1-21

The Sin Offering:

Leviticus 4:1-35

God's Righteous Servant:

Isaiah 53

Jesus is Born:

Luke 1:26-38; 2:1-20

Jesus is Baptized:

Matthew 3

John 1:29-34

Jesus is Tested:

Matthew 4:1-11

Jesus and the Religious Leader:

John 3:1-21

Jesus and the Samaritan Women:

John 4:1-26, 39-42

Jesus and the Paralyzed Man:

Luke 5:17-26

Jesus Calms the Storm:

Mark 4:35-41

Jesus and the Man with Evil Spirits:

Mark 5:1-20

Jesus Raises a Man from the Dead:

John 11:1-44

Jesus Talks about His Betrayal and the Covenant:

Matthew 26:17-30

Jesus is Betrayed and Faces Trial:

John 18:1 - 19:16

Jesus is Crucified:

Luke 23:32-56

Jesus is Resurrected:

Luke 24:1-35

Jesus Appears to the Disciples and Ascends to Heaven:

Luke 24:36-53

Enter into the Kingdom of God:

John 3:1-21