Next CU Together Service June 2nd, 10AM, at the Hub

This is My Day!-Salvation

Today is the day you are celebrating your salvation or renewing of a relationship with Jesus!

You have Received Jesus as your Lord and Savior or you have renewed your relationship with Him..Now What?

Congratulations! Your life changed today by you accepting Jesus’ invitation to come into relationship with Him! As much as we are celebrating with you, there is exponentially greater celebration in the heavens!

You are may be filled with all kinds of feelings! You may feel overwhelmed, you may be in tears, filled with joy, happiness, release, or even different feelings! God did not create us to walk alone, in fact, the enemy would love for you to be isolated in your decision! When we walk alone, we are more likely to be pulled away from our relationship with the Lord.

Your Next Steps

It is crucial that you are immediately connected with a fellow believer, a fellow brother or sister in Christ as you begin this new journey of a life living for and with Jesus! When we try to venture out on our own, the enemy loves to bring doubt and questions into our thoughts, but believe me, you are the Lord's!

Below, we have made it simple to connect with us and allowing us to journey with you! We ask you to share with us through the "This is My Day Connection". Next, dive right in with reading the Bible every day and connecting with others through our daily prayer calls.

Because we need to spur each other on in learning how to be a deeply devoted disciple of Jesus, we encourage you to join a Cgroup. You will be with a few other sisters or brothers who are also desiring to grow as a disciple of Jesus and learn how to make disciples. You will be so encouraged by these new relationships. We encourage you to connect with others in worship each week through CU@home.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us to share your story, your struggles or with any questions! This is the best day of your life!