Easter Service Easter Service April 9th at the CU HUB 10AM service time. No gathering on April 2nd

Daily Prayer Call

Connect daily with your brothers and sisters in Christ.

People sometimes ask "when and where does Christ United gather?" The answer is really very simple! We gather together every single day through our daily prayer calls! We connect through the "space" the Lord has provided for us, and it really does seem as if we are in the same room! We pray together, give thanks, read His Word, listen to Him, and share our hearts. No one has to pray out loud, yet, everyone is invited to join in as the Lord leads them. God moves powerfully as He changes hearts and lives!

We invite you to gather with us every day through joining on our prayer calls at 5am, 6am, 7am or 8am by calling 843.872.0017 then enter 766328. Please call in 5 minutes before the hour, and the leader will open the call. We look forward to "being together!"