Next CU Together Service June 2nd, 10AM, at the Hub

Daily Mission

One Last Important Step

Your Mission For Today

Both journal patterns and all of our prayer calls ultimately lead to one thing, God's will for us today! What do you need to start, stop or continue doing in order to obey what God has show you today?

We end our prayer calls with a commitment to focus on the mission God has given us. We are committed to going out among the lost showing God's love in our actions and sharing God's love with our words.

Listen Before You Leave

Again, everything in our time set aside for God is about listening to Him and responding in love and obedience. As one final act in your time with Him, we strongly encourage you to spend time simply listening to God for any assignments that He has for you today. It may be something to give to someone, something to say to someone, somewhere to go, somewhere not to go, etc.. Whatever it is, be sure that you give God time to give you His assignments for the day because we are truly on mission for Him.

God bless you in your day!