Now What?

Congratulations! Your life changed today by you accepting Jesus’ invitation to come into relationship with Him! As much as we are celebrating with you, there is exponentially greater celebration in the heavens!

You are may be filled with all kinds of feelings! You may feel overwhelmed, you may be in tears, filled with joy, happiness, release, or even different feelings! God did not create us to walk alone, in fact, the enemy would love for you to be isolated in your decision! When we walk alone, we are more likely to be pulled away from our relationship with the Lord.

Your Next Steps

1. Please complete this short form today and a member of our prayer ministry team will be in contact with you to help you connect. Being connected is even more important in this season of life we are walking through!

2. Start reading the Bible and praying every day. Every moment you spend with God will make a difference in your life. It is helpful to write down verses that are important to you. Praying is as easy as talking to a friend, but you are talking to God. Write down questions that you may have. If you need a place to start, you will find our Daily Reading Plan that will lead your through the Old & New Testament. If you would like help in developing a reading, journaling and prayer plan, please click here to contact Jane Pearce, Congregational Care Pastor or call 843.236.6201.

3. Step out of the box and connect with other Christ Followers and join a Cgroup. A Cgroup is two or six people meeting an hour a week learning to live life like Jesus together. Click here for more information on Cgroups.

4. You can also stay up-to-date with current events by subscribing to our YouTube page, following us on Facebook or Instagram. Just search for #ChristUnitedMB. Our office telephone number is 843.236.6201.

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