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SOAP Instruction

Coming Clean with S.O.A.P

“Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.” –Matthew 7:24


This is a Bible journaling plan simply outlined as S.O.A.P.  You can easily remember that we use soap to clean ourselves and the Bible brings us to a place of cleansing and renewal!

These are the things that you will need:

✓     Bible-  If you do not have a Bible, please let us know and we will gladly give you a Bible.

✓     A pen- You will want to write during your journaling time

✓     You may want a highlighter to highlight Bible verses God speaks out to you during your reading time.

✓     An open heart and mind, ready to experience His Holy Spirit!

Let’s Get Started!

1.         Start with a prayer asking God to speak to you through His Word, the scripture you will read.  Ask Him to remove clutter from your mind in order that you can hear Him more clearly. Take a moment to write down your prayer (think of it as a note, a text, an email or letter to God).

2.         (a) Scripture – Pick one verse that really spoke to you in today’s Bible reading. Literally write out that verse. Writing it out reinforces it in your mind and heart and allows God to further speak to you through that verse. 

(b) Observation – Now write a one or two sentence observation about that verse. What is God saying in this verse?

(c) Application – Now write a one or two sentence application from that verse. What is something that God wants you to do or believe or receive or say or stop doing or change your thinking on because of that verse? 

(d) Prayer – Now write a one or two sentence prayer to God in response to this Scripture. Perhaps ask God for help in applying the verse. Confess a sin that was brought to light. Or thank God for something He said to you. Write a short prayer. 

Follow up with your prayer page.  Note the date and write out your concern that you are bringing to God.  When God works and answers you, note that date and how God worked in your life or in the life of the one you are praying for!  He is a mighty God!