P.O. Box 51450, Myrtle Beach SC 29579



Our vision is to see that Christ United is truly a church that looks like heaven, a church for people like you. It doesn’t matter if you own the bank or clean the bank, if you wear torn jeans or designer dresses, if you are a native of Myrtle Beach or Rwanda, if you are over sixty or under six, you are welcome here.

You will find lots of people just like you and just as many people who are different from you, in ways that will make you love being part of this family! Christ United is a place you can bring anyone you care about, and trust that they will experience God’s love, grace, and power.

It is because this is Christ’s church, and that is exactly what He created His church to be! His church is a gathering of people for the purpose of transforming this world. This transformation comes by our mission of building love relationships with God and others!


Committed: We are committed to loving God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength and loving each other like He loves us.

Confidential:  We value and trust each other, and what is shared in the group stays in the group. 

Changing: We are growing to be more like Jesus, obeying His commands and filled with His Spirit.

Christ-Centered: In Jesus, we find God’s presence to guide us, His grace to forgive us, and His power to change us.

AcCountable: We encourage and equip each other to love and live like Jesus.

Connected: We meet every week, pray for each other every day and look for ways to obey and follow Jesus together.

Capable: By His Holy Spirit, God gives us the love and power we need to obey and follow Jesus. 

Commissioned: We are all commissioned by Jesus to make disciples, so we are all committed to starting new cgroups for unconnected friends.

Consistent: We consistently follow this guide because it is based on God’s word and it helps equip each member to lead cgroups and to make disciples.

Whether you are a lifetime Christ follower or a skeptic who is cautiously checking out a church for the first time, you are going to love this Church. You were created to love and be loved by God. Beyond that, He created you to love and be loved by other people. You have just found a place where you can do what you were created to do and be who you were created to be!

Welcome to Christ United!

Jeff Dunn
Lead Pastor