Discipleship FAQs

What is a Cgroup?

A Cgroup is gender-specific closed group of 2-6 believers (including the leader) who meet together weekly for the purpose of learning to love and live like Jesus.

Cgroups follow a practical, step-by-step guide that equips believers to follow Jesus together.

A person steps into a Cgroup by forming relationships with other believers in Community Groups or through everyday relationships (see Circles of Impact). 

If you are having trouble connecting, please reach out to us at discipleship@christislove.org.


What does the “C” stand for?

“Committed” Christ Followers following Christ together.


How do I find a Cgroup?

Begin by forming relationships in Community groups.   As you develop relationships with other Christ Followers, pray for God to lead you those who are ready for the commitment of a Cgroup. 

When you are ready to join a Cgroup, talk to your Community Group leader.   If you are having trouble connecting, please reach out to us at discipleship@christislove.org.


How do I lead a Cgroup?

The requirements for leading a Cgroup are that you are a fully devoted follower of Christ and that you have been discipled. 

It is important that all leaders understand the commitment to relationships created in a Cgroup, and also understand the principles of Discipleship.

It is also important that each Cgroup Leader understand and commit to the Leader Expectations set by Christ United.  See Cgroup Leader Expectations for more information.


How many people should be in a Cgroup?

The ideal size of a Cgroup would be 3 to 6 people in your group.  6 being the max due to accountability and lines of communication.   The more people in the group the weaker the accountability and the harder it is to stay in communication with one another. 

Only having one other in the group would not be ideal but would be a start if you were recruiting others into the discipleship relationship. 


Where should we meet?

Find a meeting place around your community!  Restaurants, coffee shops, parks, diners, bookstores, and public tabling are all great options.   We want our Faith to be visible to the Community!


How often do we meet?

A Cgroup meets a minimum of 1.5hrs a week to go through guide.  Outside of that 1.5hrs, we ask that the group be involved in Community Groups for approximately 1.5hrs which would give a total of 3hrs a week to live out Discipleship Lifestyle.

Total number of hours would be minimum of 3hrs.


Is there an attendance requirement?

Absolutely!  We have High Expectations for our Cgroups and expect everyone to be FAITHFUL, AVAILABLE, TEACHABLE participants with a little bit of COURAGE!  It is important for you to remember that discipleship is about our relationships with the people we’re living life with.


Do we have to follow the guide?

Yes!  We Consistently follow the guide because it is based on God’s Word and it helps equip each member to lead Cgroups and to make disciples.

The guide helps us to live out and teach others how to live out the principles of Discipleship.  A Great Resource on Principles of Discipleship is The Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert Coleman.


What does Unconnected Friend mean?

An Unconnected Friend could be someone who does not have a relationship with Jesus.  We want to connect these friends to the 2nd step of the Discipleship Pathway- Community Groups.

An Unconnected Friend could also be someone who has a relationship with Jesus but does not have a discipleship relationship with other believers.  We want to connect these friends to the 2nd & 3rd steps of the Discipleship Pathway- Community Groups & Cgroups.


When should I ask someone to leave the Cgroup?

We never want anyone to leave the group, but by setting the expectations high, others may not be able to commit to the times and values set by the group. 

We are looking to surround ourselves with FAITHFUL, AVAILABLE, TEACHABLE people with a little bit of COURAGE. 

This means we want others who are eager to learn and grow in the Knowledge of God but also eager to live it out!  Having a Teachable spirit and making themselves Available to learn and grow is Crucial. 

If others in your group show signs of complacency by missing meetings and opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus, we encourage you to confront these issues right away.  For Cgroups to make the 4th step into Commissioned, all group members need to be Faithful to the Values of C-Group.


How long should I be in a Cgroup before I start my own?

We encourage you to be with your Cgroup for 12 months.  However, some people may be empowered to start a Cgroup for their Unconnected Friends sooner.  That’s ok!  We just want everyone to understand how to live out the principles of Discipleship before leading others.

Talk to your Cgroup leader about starting a new Cgroup, so they can help you with this transition.


What if I don’t know the answer to a question?

There is absolutely no shame in not knowing the answer to a question!  Simply confess that you don’t know the answer then encourage the group to research the answer together.  If you still can’t find the answer, send your questions to discipleship@christislove.org.

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