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Daily Devotions

At Christ United, we believe that being a follower of Christ includes a love of learning.

Living life like Jesus means that we take time to get to know Him and listen to Him. It’s not as difficult as you may think, God has given us His Word, the Holy Bible. This is great and exciting! At Christ United, it is our passion for everyone to know God and to spend time in His Word as we travel through life together and learn to live life like Jesus together!

We have made it super simple. Even though the method is super simple, do not under estimate the power of the Holy Spirit if you make a radical commitment to spend time with God each day through a method called SOAP. Just remember, “SOAP every day!” On this page and on our app, you have easy access to our daily reading plan, instructions on how to use SOAP, and journal pages that you can easily print. We also have hard copies at the church.

Feel free to be as simple or creative as you desire. We have seen pictures of creative SOAP journals, we have seen devotions areas set up in peoples’ homes, and we have already heard how powerfully God is working through the time people are spending with Him in prayer and in the Bible.

Praying for you as you meet up with our Savior!

Daily Bible Reading

We suggest the Bible-gateway’s New and Old Testament Reading Plan.

Click here to access our Daily Bible Reading.

Click for a printable One Year Reading Plan

Daily Devotional Time

Click here for the instructions for S.O.A.P. journal pages

Printable Journal Pages