CU Together (in-person) Service Christ United HUB November 7th Directions


Sharing God’s love in tangible ways.

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CU GO is coming!

On the third Sunday of every month, we will worship together and then go out with our CU@Home communities, Cgroups, and families to share God’s love in tangible ways.

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What to Expect:

  1. The worship service will prepare you and those who are with you to go out.
  2. You will GO out and share God’s love in tangible ways. 
  3. Record short, less than one minute, videos on what God did through your CU GO time.
  4. Watch a short second on-line video will guide you in your time of fellowship and sharing.
  5. You should plan on spending at least four hours together that day. 


Start immediately making preparations for the time you will spend together.

1. Who will Go?

Decide who will be a part of going out. Be sure to include your families. Think about connections you have between CU at Home groups, Cgroups, Etc.  

2. Set a schedule

Example Schedule:  10:00-10:30 On-Line Worship, Prayer and Preparation

      10:30-12:30 Going Out Together

       12:30-1:30 Watch the second on-line video, record testimonies, share a meal and praises.

3. Make plans for what you will do when you “GO”

Choose one of the following suggestions or come up with something of your own.

Prayer Ideas:

Walk through one or more of your neighborhoods, pausing in front of homes to pray for those who live there.

Go to specific homes or places like schools, hospitals and other places where you know that prayer is needed.  Stop at each and pray together for them.

Walk through a neighborhood, visit a park, mall or other location and offer to pray for people as God Leads.

Go to places of business and offer to pray for the business and the people who work there.

Giving Ideas:

Make cookies and cards sharing God’s love and deliver them to individuals, homes, people you know or strangers.

Prepare and deliver a meal to someone who has been sick, lost a loved one or would be blessed by the gift.

Take groceries to someone in need.

Witnessing Ideas:

Pray before leaving that God will show you people who He wants to know that He cares deeply for them.  God to places like parks, playgrounds, shopping centers ect.  As God leads you to people, share with them that you were asking him to show you someone who He cares for deeply and that you felt they were one of those people.

Treasure Hunt: Pray before leaving and ask God for clues as to people that He cares deeply for or “Treasures”, things like what they may be wearing or carrying and when you go out and see the clues, tell the people that you are on a “treasure hunt” of sorts and that you were looking for clues leading to someone that God Treasures.  Simply share that you believe God led you to them because He treasures them.  You may then ask how you might pray for them. 

Treasure Hunt 101

Serving Ideas

Rake and clean a yard for someone.

Make a grocery store run for someone.

Wash someone’s car.

Help someone move furniture.

Help someone with painting or repair work

Sharing Ideas With Others

Visit the CU GO Facebook page to get more ideas and share your own ideas.

4. Make advances preparations to GO.

This will involve things like plans for a meal if you plan to share a meal that day.  Think about things that might need to be done in advance or material that may be needed for what you will be doing.   Think about issues like transportation and involving children.