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Core Values

Changing the world one relationship at a time.

The 5L’s

Love the Lord through Worship and Obedience [see video]
Consider with us: Psalm 100; Psalm 103.1-5; John 4.23-24 and John 14.15

Love the Lord’s Family through Fellowship [see video]
Have you considered: Acts 2.43-47;
Romans 16.1-2 &.10-11; and Philippians 4.2-4

Love the Least through Selfless Service [see video]
Have you considered how Jesus sees the nations Matthew 25.31-4

Love the Lost through Evangelism [see video]
Consider the joy when the lost are found:
Luke 15.3-32; Acts 1.6-8 and 2Timothy 4.5

Love Learning through the Study of the Bible & Application of Biblical Truth [see video]
Have you ever considered:
Matthew 7.24-27; 1Timothy 4.6-11; 2Timothy 2.14-15 and 2Timothy 3.16-17