Christ United Kids

At Christ United, we are passionate about partnering with parents to teach their children how to love and follow Jesus.

We want to create a culture of Discipleship within our families!!!  Little Disciple-Maker’s equipped to change the World.

Big House Family

This high energy family service teaches children about God’s word through drama, music, games, and much more.  Families are challenged to watch The Big House together and then do Family C group time. (click here to check out Big House)   

Family Cgroup Guide

Families learning to love and follow Jesus together.  Families set aside 30 minutes to an hour each week to talk through and follow a guide called our Family C group guide. (click here) 

Daily Devotions for Kids. 

Christ United Kids know that the only way to follow Jesus is to know what He says.  Each week, Christ United Kids are encouraged to follow and do the daily devotions found on the Christ United Kids youtube channel. (click here)  


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