Cgroup Self Selected Guide

Christ Followers Following Christ Together
(2 to 6 people learning to love and live like Jesus together)

connecting with God

Someone pray for God to be with you and guide you through the meeting.

confirming the cgroup values – about 3 Min.
Take turns reading through the cgroup values.

Committed: We are committed to loving God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength and loving each other like He loves us.

Confidential: We value and trust each other, and what is shared in the group stays in the group.

Changing: We are growing to be more like Jesus, obeying His commands and filled with His Spirit.

Christ-Centered: In Jesus, we find God’s presence to guide us, His grace to forgive us, and His power to change us.

AcCountable: We encourage and equip each other to love and live like Jesus.

Connected: We meet every week, pray for each other every day and look for ways to obey and follow Jesus together.

Capable: By His Holy Spirit, God gives us the love and power we need to obey and follow Jesus.

Commissioned: We are all commissioned by Jesus to make disciples, so we are all committed to starting new cgroups for unconnected friends.

Consistent: We consistently follow this guide because it is based on God’s word and it helps equip each member to lead cgroups and to make disciples.

connect through scripture – about 20 Min.
(For the sermon based guide visit Christ United Mobile App or The scripture based guide is provided below.)
Someone pray before reading the passage asking God to speak through His word.
Someone read a short segment of scripture that includes enough context to be clear. (Some groups choose to work through a book of the Bible focusing on one chapter or segment each week. Other cgroups choose to follow a daily Bible reading plan together and discuss one of the daily readings during cgroup time. Our reading plan is available at
Someone pray after the reading and before the discussion asking God to guide the discussion.
Share insights and questions regarding the passage, or use questions from below:
What does this passage teach us about God?
What does this passage teach us about people?
What does this passage teach us about the relationship between God and people?

caring for unconnected friends (P.A.L.S.) – about 5 Min.
(Visit for teaching on P.A.L.S.)
Each member answer one or more of the following questions:
PRAY: We pray because we love them. Who would you like the group to join you in praying for this week?

ASK: We ask questions because we care. What question do you need to ask an unconnected friend to show that you care?

LISTEN: We listen to understand them. How have you grown in you’re love for an unconnected friend as you have listened to them and the Holy Spirit this week?

SHARE: We share what Jesus has done in our lives and what He can do in theirs. Who do you need to share with or invite to the group or start a new group for?

connect through sharing – about 20 Min.
Let each person choose and answer one Confession Question and one Celebration Question. (Please be concise so everyone has time to share.)

Share your confessions
• What has been your greatest challenge or temptation recently?
• What intentional or unintentional sins do you need to confess?
• What doubts or questions do you have?
• Is there something you need to share even though you would rather not?

Share your celebrations
• What has God done that you want to praise and thank Him for?
• When did God give you victory over a temptation?
• When were you obedient to God, and how did it turn out?
• How have you seen God at work in your life?

commitment to life change – about 5 Min.
• Based on what God has shown me today, what am I going to start, stop or continue doing this week?
• Consider committing to a Daily Bible Reading Plan (see Daily Readings in the Christ United app or

accountability and connection – about 5 Min.
• How are we going to connect to encourage each other during the week?
• When are we going to connect for worship and the word this week?
• When are we connecting to serve together this month?
• When are we connecting again for fun and fellowship?
• Who missed this cgroup meeting? Who is going to reach out to them?

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