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2021 Let's Go

Attention: We will NOT be meeting In Person for our Jan 3rd CU Together Service due to Covid.   Make sure you tune into our Online Service Sunday at 10am.

Christ United

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Counting Down to


Every Day


By simply following the bible reading guide on our website or through the You Version App, you will read through the entire new testament twice during this year.  If you choose to do the Old Testament reading as well (which we highly recommend) you will have read through the entire bible in 2021.  This is one of the most important steps that you can take to grow in your relationship with God!  Go to our website today and get prepared to be in His word every day in 2021.


Every day we will be connecting at 5, 6, 7 and 8 am for prayer calls that keep us connected to God and each other.  If you have not been joining us for the prayer calls, you have been missing a great blessing.  Be sure to make it a priority in the coming year.

Every Week


Discipleship Live is where the entire Christ United family comes together every week to learn practical ways to live a Christ-like lifestyle of biblical discipleship through our Circles of Impact, Community Groups and Committed Cgroup’s.  We will meet together on Wednesday nights at 7pm through YouTube, Facebook and Zoom platforms.  Our promise is to bring fresh, powerful, practical and biblical guidance every week in a fun and highly engaging program. Being fully engaged in Discipleship Live every week is vital to your engagement in the life of Christ United.  Be sure to make it a regular part of your week.


In our Cgroup’s, we will be growing through ten five-week cycles of discipleship.  These five week cycles are built around the five foundations of Christ-Like living; Loving the Lord, Loving the Lord’s Family, Loving the Lost, Loving the Least and Loving Learning.  


We will be growing your kids up to be passionate followers of Christ through four pathways.  Every week the Big House Gang will be producing new Big House Services, Family Cgroup Guides for families to do together, Daily Devotionals and 1st of the month CU Together Big House Gatherings.


Middle and High School students will be meeting every Sunday night to celebrate Jesus through food, fellowship, worship and devotionals.  The youth will also be engaged in weekly Cgroup’s as the learn and grow as devoted followers of Christ.

Every Month

(Please note that the monthly gatherings will be contingent on COVID restrictions.  Once the pandemic is behind us, these gatherings will be a regular part of every month at Christ United.)

CU TOGETHER Worship Services 

1st Sunday’s of the month we will all come together for a powerful time of worship, preaching and celebration.

CU GO Outreach Events

3rd Sunday’s of the month we will meet for CU GO to go out in the community to make a difference through outreach and evangelism. These Sundays will also include worship, prayer, a fellowship meal and a time for sharing testimonies.  These events will be shared with your CU@HOME Communities and your CGOUPS.

CU@HOME In-Home Community Gatherings

2nd & 4th Sunday’s we will focus on gathering with family & friends as we meet in our CU@HOME Groups for worship, fellowship and growing in God’s Word.

How to's

Cgroup Journal

Daily Reading Plan


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